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American Wall Systems Products

American Wall Systems Products | American Wall Systems

Perimeter Walls

The Single Wythe Brick Perimeter Wall has become a symbol of the high end residential communities. It is a long term solution for a beautiful perimeter wall that outlasts most traditional fencing used in the past. Even though Brick Walls have long been considered a preferred perimeter wall, in the past they were not cost efficient or practical for our Houston soils. The new Single Wythe Brick Wall does not need a traditional concrete foundation which makes it much more cost efficient. Also, the professionally engineered structure of this wall allows for movement in our expansive Houston area soil. American Wall Systems also offers the Precast Sound Wall which is an excellent solution for blocking out unwanted noise from a busy street. This wall was specially designed for American Wall Systems to be both functional and attractive.

American Wall Systems Products | American Wall Systems

Entry Monuments

Signage is an important part of any planned community. At American Wall Systems, we have built many beautiful entry monuments that help enhance and define the surrounding area. Entry Monuments are the front door into a community and need to be distinctive and impressive. At American Wall we can help you accomplish this goal.

American Wall Systems Products | American Wall Systems

Hardscape Elements

American Wall Systems is a high quality hardscape general contractor. We have built Community Park Facilities, Community Decks and Arbors, Hike and Bike Trails, Sidewalks, Pedestrian Bridges, Bridge Veneers, and much more. At American Wall Systems we pride ourselves in great communications with our clients and quality work..

American Wall Systems Products | American Wall Systems

Fencing and Gates

If you have a fencing or gate need, we can help you. We can build just about any kind of fence you need. Whether you need a fence around a public tennis court, dog park, or public swimming pool, we can do it. We also offer custom gates, gate operators card readers, and security cameras.